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Are there 2 ways to make money?

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

You know, there’s two ways to make money. There’s the fast way and the slow way. And the fast way is the slow way. Listen in to Mark’s recent Podcast with the very inspirational, Nick Spohn.  They cover many topics such as:

  1. Asymmetrical risk – this is the idea that you can have a massive upside for a very little downside.

  2. The stock market and cash flow

  3. Pillar Strategy

  4. Mark’s Cash Flow Machine System

  5. Covered Calls

  6. Mindset and Emotions

  7. And so much more…

Podcast viewers and listeners can download a Free Report on how to create Passive Income from your investments by requesting the Report called the Regular Paycheck Strategy:


To hear the full podcast recording, click below.  Enjoy!

Listen on Itunes

Watch Now

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