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Crypto is the Future

So glad you’re here today we’ve got a guy with the same first name as me, that must means something He is a pretty cool dude and were going to be talking a little bit about crypto.There’s lots of news going on these days about crypto and there will always be a lot of news going on in the crypto world because it’s a quickly-growing, exciting space to be in. And there’s always lots of changes, and there will always be lots of changes, it’s here to stay, so you might as well learn about it and from an investment side, it’s also a good thing. Our guest today is the director for Hokk Finance. He’s an early crypto evangelist, which is cool. His decade of experience and ideas established him as a thought leader in creating and building crypto brands. Tune-in to hear more! ______________________________________________________________________ Mark’s website: Cash Flow Machine Mentorship – Listen on Itunes Watch Now

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