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Russia is Stealing Assets and Businesses of Foreign Companies…

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

Today we’re going to talk about what Russia is doing to nationalize some of these companies that are doing business there that because of the crisis going on with Russia and Ukraine, they’ve decided to pull back and now Russia has an answer.

So, we know Russia has invaded Ukraine. Now. I don’t like that. And most people don’t like that. It’s like big, stupid, meanie head going into another country. But you know, we can get into political implications. And I’ll just say this, you know, the Zelenskyy and his country is not perfect. They’re not a perfect democracy. There’s, there’s some thuggery going on on that side. So you know, there’s a reason that why that Russia is going in there. And there’s a reason that we are also being told that Russia is the bad guys. But without having to pass judgment on that. I’m going to give you some evidence that Russian is the bad guy, right? That Putin is the bad dude in this good situation. But maybe you wouldn’t do anything different.

 So there’s all these companies that have been doing business in Russia, since you know, the wall came down in 91. And you know, McDonald’s has gone in there. Starbucks has gone in there, Burger King has gone in there. You got subway that’s gone in there, KFC, Marriott Hilton, you know, all these big companies gone in there, because of course, you know, they were they wanted to make money. That’s what their job is. But their job really is to protect shareholders. We’ll get to that in a second.

So let’s start with all the crazy stuff that Russia is starting to do. They’re starting to realize, hey, the world is cutting us off, because they don’t understand us. Right? They think we’re the bully. And maybe they are they probably are. But you know, we’re all you know, around the world. We’re saying, You know what, we’re not going to do business with Russia, that’ll show them, we’re going to put sanctions on them, we’re going to freeze their assets around the world, we’re not going to let them trade in dollars, we’re going to, you know, not let them use Swift, which is the transactional system for banking, that they need us to be able to close business. So what would you do if you’re Putin and the whole rest of the world is shutting you down, you’re going to figure out a different way. So he’s got work arounds the petro dollar, which is going to weaken our standing in the world as the world’s reserve currency. That’s bad for us, because it’s weakening the dollar. Now the dollar is being undermined because of this war, or because of our stance on the war, depending on how you look at it.

If we’re the ones that are freezing their assets, maybe we have a lot to do with us not be remaining the world’s reserve currency. Russia has got a bunch of assets from the West, they’ve got a bunch of assets from Europe and the US and all these other countries and companies that came in to do business. And now they’re all saying, Well, you know what, we don’t like what Russia is doing. So we’re not doing business there. Now we’re suspending our operations or closing them down.

Well, how do you think you would feel if you’re a shareholder of McDonald’s, and they decided to close the 200 McDonald’s or the 500? McDonald’s? They’re in Russia, like they spent a lot of money putting those franchises in those buildings in because McDonald’s is a real estate company, not a burger company, just so you know. And they put all that in, and now they’re saying, well, we don’t like Putin. So we’re just leaving.

Okay, interesting decision. But other companies are doing the same thing. So let’s start with the oil and gas business. So BP, and this is indicative of all the other companies BP put in $50 billion in investing in pulling oil out of the ground in Russia, you know, Russia is full of oil and natural gas. And so BP invested $50 billion, but now they’re like, we’re not gonna go over there because he’s immediate $50 billion, just gonna walk away from it. Okay, fine. That’s just one company.  Shell, Japanese companies, other companies, on and on these companies are all making a claim, which is their right. But if you’re a shareholder, I don’t know if you’re kind of in agreement with that, right?  You might have a little bit of an issue with it.

What the Russian government has done is they’ve passed these new laws that have basically said, Okay, guys, you don’t want to do business in here. Fine. You got five days to get your business to start back up. If you don’t start your business back up in five days. We’re taking them over we’re nationalizing that we’re making them Russian. We’re making them Russian assets, you will lose them forever.

Now you have 30 days to go in there and appeal or something like that. But after that, it basically goes to the Russian business community. So right now, Russia’s administrative arm is taking over these businesses, you got in five days, right? And nobody’s going to go back in five days and go you know what, let’s get our barista is going back up. And you know, they laid everybody off. Well, Russia doesn’t like that. So it’s just like, hey, there’s a Starbucks there. There’s a McDonald’s there. There’s a Burger King, whatever the whatever the store is, people need coffee, people need burgers, people need whatever, why do we need to wait for the Western companies to come back in and start doing business?  We got all the managers, we got all the baristas we got all the people behind the line workers will just tell them to go restart the thing that will make them go restart the thing, right, so that we get the economy going. And now Russia just takes that asset, which could, you know, this is going to add up to multi billions of dollars or maybe trillions. And now it’s become their assets. They’re keeping them in their economy, and now their people are going to be trading back and forth. And we’re not going to get anything out of it. Not that we’re going to do it, but the shareholders of these companies are not going to get anything out of it. They’ve made huge investments.

Now let’s talk about some of these pipelines. Russia has put pipelines all over Europe, right? They’ve invested billions and billions of dollars to put pipelines all over Europe. And that’s so they can sell gas, natural gas all over Europe, because Europe gets cold, and you’re upset. Well, you know, we don’t really like the fact that we have fossil fuels. And we don’t like nuclear, because it’s so dirty, they shut down their nuclear power plants, they shut down a lot of fossil fuel, and they put up solar and wind. And then when the sun doesn’t shine to the wind doesn’t blow, they have no energy. So, they need to buy energy from Russia, which is a cleaner fuel, that’s natural gas. But now in Russia, saying, you know, we’re not going to sell you any of this stuff. Because you guys are all boycotting us, and you’re putting sanctions on us. And Russia holds the cards. If you want some heat this winter, you’re going to have to play some ball.

But let’s go to the next one. Nordstrom Nord Stream two, which is their newest pipeline, they invested huge amounts of money to put this pipeline directly to Germany, Germany was like, cool, we need a pipeline, this is a great deal for us. Everything’s perfect. We got solar, we got wind, but you know, we got our own direct pipeline. And they invested five and a half billion dollars them in the rest of Europe, to get some of this gas in through Germany to the rest of Europe, gone $5.5 billion will be totally nationalized. This will be a Russian asset. And they can charge whatever they want for their gas. And you know what, there’s no alternative because everybody said, “Oh, well, well, let’s save some trees. And we don’t need fossil fuels in our backyard. So now their economies are going to be constricted and strangled because of stupid political decisions. Okay?

These are the people that we put in power, they put in power, and they make stupid political decisions. And now you’re seeing our companies make stupid political decisions. Fine, you have the right to make a decision based on your beliefs. But you’ve got shareholders that are not going to be disenfranchised because of your stupid political beliefs. You have to make the beliefs business first. Or you should at least state from the outset. This is the framework at which we’re going to do business. We don’t do business with thugs so that people that are investing don’t get caught up in your ideology.

So, we talked about oil and gas. The mineral sector is incredibly important. Russia produces fertilizer and wheat, and they produce bauxite for aluminum, they produce tons of stuff, okay. It’s a huge country. It’s like our country, United States, gigantic country, they we produce a lot of different things, right, because we have different climates. Anyway, without getting into details. Those are all getting nationalized. These people came in put in huge amounts of money to pull iron out of the ground, bauxite out of the ground, gold out of the ground, oil out of the ground and gas. And now Russia is just taking it over. They’re making part of their economy. I don’t know, that doesn’t sound like globalization is a good idea to me, guys. I don’t know, if you’re a globalist, you might want to rethink your position, or maybe you just dig in and you go, this is good. And screw everybody. We’re going to have to pay a bunch more money, but you’re going to be one of those people who pay more money for everything. And fuel is the first thing and fuel affects everything. All right? Manufacturing, Ford has three plants, three plants in Russia. Plants are not cheap, right? So, they invested a huge amount of money in all these plants. And these robots build these cars and these employees to come in and they lay everybody off. And Russia says, well, fine. Now it’s funny because when I was a kid, we went and bought a Lada. It was a car it was basically a Fiat and Russia bought all the old moldings and engines and everything all the parts for a lot of they bought from Thea because Viet said well, we’re going to go into something else. So, Russia bought them and they when they were in communist under communist control in the US Aren’t they basically all they did was produced a lot, they didn’t have any other cars, they produced these Ladas. And I think they had trucks. So, everybody had a Lada if you had any money to be able to drive, we ended up getting a Lada.  My family got it when I was about 16. And they cruised around Europe with it, and we used it in Greece for a little bit. And then we actually left it in Yugoslavia, because we didn’t want to pay the tax on it. So, we use this little car, cute little car, had very little power. But it was a nice little four door sedan, and it looked like every other four door sedan that came out of Russia, it’s just ours happened to be yellow, just like the color of this background. And so, we had a lot of, well guess what they’re going to have in Russia going forward, they’re going to have a lot of Ford’s, or they’re going to call them something else. I don’t know, some Russian name. And that’s going to be the car that primarily people are going to have, guess who built that technology, Ford did. And you know, I don’t know, I think there’s some US taxpayer money in that Ford deal, maybe as much as GM. But, you know, maybe we had a little part in building that. And they just left it behind. We leave a lot of assets behind countries these days for some reason. And it’s just helping out the rest of the world. I guess that’s what we want to do. We want to just print fake money, and drop it on the rest of the world and give them all kinds of stuff. And then they compete with us.

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And then, you know, you got all these franchises, so Burger King, KFC and Marriott. And what they’re trying to do is, so these are franchises, right? So, you say, “Well, you know, their franchises, the people in Russia, or the franchisees bought the franchises from the franchisors and you know, the shareholders are going to get hurt”. But the franchisees, the people in Russia were like, “Hey, we don’t think we should shut this thing down. We want to keep our people employed.” They’re looking out for their own country, like we should be doing. They’re looking out for each other, we got to we don’t just stop because some, you know, Western company decides that they don’t want to open the McDonald’s. No. So, Russia under this new law that they’re passing, they say you got five days to reopen this thing in full at the capacity was at before, which clearly nobody’s going to do. And since they’re not going to do it, they’re going to take it over. Some oligarch is going to take over these businesses, right? And they’re going to buy another billion, you know, $50 million yacht, and we’re going to complain that somebody else did it when it’s kind of our fault, like, not our fault. Okay. You know, let’s not get into that. But it’s obvious like, wouldn’t you do that? If you were Putin, and you had maybe a beef legitimately or not. And people said, “Well screw it, we’re not going to go into your country, and do business anymore.” When you kind of say the same thing. When you go, “Hey, guys, anybody want to go run that McDonald’s?” Hey, manager, go back in there, bring back your people, go run, that thing will start paying you again, you start making some money, then you won’t have to starve Right? You would do that, like, I would totally do that. If I were the thug that ran Russia, totally, I’d be all about it. Because it’d be like free real estate, a free business. And even if they later on strike a deal to have them come back and get their asset back, you at least get to run the business for a while makes money, they’re going to try to avoid this by partially staying open under the guise of humanitarian aid. So, some of the pharmaceutical joint ventures are going to try to keep producing some pharmaceuticals, baby food, water, some big multinational corporations, they’re going to try to stay open.  It’s probably not going to work. Because the law says you’ve got to go back open the way you were before you quit. So, you have to get back up to that level of business. And it’s going to be pretty hard to do. Nobody wants to go back there. Nobody wants to, you know, lose face. And especially in five days, you’re not going to be able to mobilize. And by the way, who’s flying in there, oh, I forgot to talk about the biggest dealio going on Russia has.   Okay, so you know how airplane flying has been increasing for the last, you know, 20 years. And they’ve been trading in all the old 737 and getting these new 737 and 737 maxes and, you know, oh, beefing up their capacity and energy efficiency and things like that. So, everybody upgraded their fleets. Well, that’s expensive. So, what happened is these companies little fleet leasing companies popped up. So, they would buy an aircraft for say, 100 million. I don’t know what oh, 737 goes for these dates a little outside of my budget, but you know, $100 million, but they need like 10 of them and United Airlines or Aeroflot in Russia. And so, they didn’t have the, you know, the billion dollars to buy the 10 aircrafts. So, a leasing company would come in and against the collateral, they’d be in the leasing business, right? So, now your airline company would be in the right business, they’d be flying airplanes around and doing customer service, what they’re good at. And the leasing company would be good at the capital, but you know, acquiring the jet by putting collateral against it and making some interest, so they’re fine. But now there’s $10 billion worth of aircraft floating around Russia. And they’re not doing a lot of flying these days. So, Russia basically said, you know, what, we got $10 billion worth of aircrafts, I think we’ll take them, grabbing them if you want them, but nobody’s going to go get try repossession of 737 airplanes. I like that show that’s on, you know, whatever that channel is that people go with repossess airplanes like this, it’s 737. Like you got to go into Russia, which they’re not letting people in. And then you got to go figure out where the plane is, like, those are gone. These leasing companies are going to start failing, right and left, because they’re not going to be making these payments, they’ve just given up $10 billion worth of assets. Now, I don’t know if they can withstand that, or not?  It is probably going to certainly hurt their earnings. But I don’t think it’s going to be good. But it’s going to be good for Russia. Russia’s got all these new businesses that they’re in charge of now, this happened in Venezuela, under Chavez, when he just started nationalizing Clorox and all these oil companies and all these big multinational companies that came in there, he said, “You know what?” I think we’ll take those. And we just left. And they’re still using them. 20 years later, it’s been happening, guys, now it’s happening in Russia. So why are we going out and building factories and building businesses all around the world. And then we just poof, let them go. It just to me the craziest thing. Bottom line here is, this is all going to be good for Russia, especially if things calm down, and they go back to normal, because things always come back, come down and go back to normal. And once they go back to normal, there isn’t going to be no normal for these people that that drop there 50 or 100, or 150, McDonald’s, or Burger King franchises or Marriott, hotels, these are going to be Russian assets. And they’re going to be run by the Russian government probably and going to be sold to a Russian oligarch, like all the stuff was done in 1991. When that walking, tumbling down, and they had all these assets that were state owned, and they didn’t sell, they went to their buddies, they said, “Hey, man, I got this big oil company, you want to deal?” And this Abramovich dude made these huge, incredible deals, he knew all the people that were the players, and bought these oil companies. And now he’s got a $450 million yacht that he cruises around the world. It’s because of corruption. And if you don’t think there’s corruption here, or wherever you are, you got another thing coming, guys, quit listening to the media. Listen to shows like mine, listen to shows like Rogan, listen to people where you’re getting information that is not just from one source, I get my information from researchers all over the world. And that’s why you’re hearing about this. And you may think that Russia doesn’t affect you. Or they’re making it affect you with the news or get you all riled up. Oh, those poor people in Ukraine. They’re just innocent. And they probably are, but their government isn’t so innocent. Let me tell you, my Intel says their government is pretty thuggish right there, they’re pretty oppressive. I’ll just tell you one more thing. My new sources say that Zelinsky, the President of Ukraine, who’s wearing all these, you know, cool little camouflage outfits and making himself look like the hero. He just shut down 10 opposition parties, he just shut down opposition media so that he’s controlling all the media. That doesn’t sound like a big democracy that we’re fighting for right. Now. I feel sorry for the Ukrainian people. The Ukrainian people are not the government. Right. But let’s not think that that’s some great democracy that we need to protect. And you know, they’re using our money. So, we have a right to kind of know what’s going on there. So, we should know what’s going on. That’s for a different podcast right now, just know that Russia is going to create this huge, huge windfall from the fact that they created a war across the border, which maybe or maybe they don’t have a reason to, to have that war, but they’re going to create a huge windfall, and it’s going to be great for the Russian economy, longer term.

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