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Why Land Is Important In This Economy

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

We have a really fun conversation slated for you today. It’s about something I normally don’t talk about. And that’s land flipping and land investing. You guys know that I’m a stock market guy. Things can go in and out really quickly with the stock market, real estate just seems to plod along for me. Real estate is an essential part of everybody’s portfolio and you should have some. Our guest works with land profit generator, you’re probably going to hear him mention that a couple of times, a boutique, family-oriented organization specializing in land flipping, and he also owns easy land investing, where he helps people from all walks of life begin their investment career. So, whether it’s retirement, whether it’s investing, or just recreation, he positioned himself as a mentor to help you with all those kinds of decisions which can lead to a lifetime of transformation. Tune-in to hear more! _______________________________________________________________________

David’s website: Cash Flow Machine Mentorship – BECOME A CLIENT -

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