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Special Option Mentorship Program

Learn How To Create Weekly Income While Growing Your Account to 7-Figures or more

Are you a new trader seeking to create financial freedom using options but don’t know where to start?

Or have you been trading options but haven’t been able to create the consistency that you want?

…Or are you just tired of having someone else manage your money with poor results? 

Well, you have come to the right place.

We at the Cash Flow Machine believe that anybody can create reliable income of $10,000, $20,000, or $30,000 per month in the stock market with the proper guidance.

Through our mentorships, masterminds and coaching programs, we will take you from the basics of options trading all the way to generating reliable income without taking any crazy risks.

Are you a beginner in covered calls? Great! Do you know a lot about options? Super! Either way, we are here to mentor you to implement a system to make you a successful and profitable trader!

Successful Work Team

We want to help you

  • Learn how to create reliable income in your portfolio

  • Become a successful, profitable and financially free options investor

  • Learn how to play defense by using the income to lower your cost basis

  • Learn how to play offense by using the “juice” to build your portfolio

  • Make more than if you simply bought the stock and “hoped” it would go up

  • Protect your account against down markets

  • Make money in ANY market condition

  • Learn how to identify perfect setups even if you have a SMALL account

  • Learn how to make money using the Cash Flow Machine, from the stocks you already have

The Cash Flow Machine Program is the ideal learning system that will catapult you from the options trading basics up to growing your portfolio to 7-figures or more. 

This Cash Flow Machine will give you access to institutional-level options techniques, systems and mindset-secrets that the big-money Wall Street traders use to generate reliable returns from the stock market.

The proprietary Cash Flow Machine process will help you create a comprehensive step-by-step plan to build your account to a 7-figure+ account in just 20 minutes to an hour a week.

If you want to learn a complete system for creating safe, reliable income of 2% to 4% per month, then the Cash Flow Machine is for you.

How The Cash Flow Machine Can Help You

The Cash Flow Machine mastermind-mentorship is the simplest and easiest way of me giving you the tools, training and mentorship to have CONFIDENCE in your ability to invest. Our program provides the path to profitable earnings year-over-year.


World class training and resources precisely engineered to give you a clear path to implementing the right things in the right order. Support from me & my team will shortcut the time it takes to reach your financial goals.

Guard against your downside by proactively adjusting your position

Add a highly profitable income stream to your existing investment strategy

Get my “Ultimate Trick” for taking pain & uncertainty out if calculating return

Use my 12 indicators to pre-determine market and stock direction

Learn how to identify the best stock, option, timing for profit & protection

Create unstoppable confidence from group post-trade analysis

How to manage your emotions - the enemy of every trader


How to determine your strike price for maximum cash & minimum risk


Guard against your downside by proactively adjusting your position

Are you willing to learn, be coached and mentored to success? If so, then the Cash Flow Machine can help you create significant wealth, and reliable income from covered calls in the stock market. 

We use a unique method to ensure that you are properly learning the right strategies, the right way. These strategies are easy, understandable, proven, tested and can be used to create income in any market condition: up, down or sideways. 

Plus, when you immerse yourself into our full eco-system of community, mentorship, knowledge, accountability and transparency – you are proving to yourself that you are taking your wealth seriously.

Ready to Start?

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