Covered Calls
The Cash Flow Machine Way

Right now, there are more and more people who are growing interested in the concept of covered calls.(See the videos I have created on the topic) They are a simple concept (watch this quick animation) to understand.

You simply buy a stock (base position) and sell Call Options against the position.

By doing this, you create income. When you create income, 3 amazing things happen at the same time:

  1. You create income and

  2. You create a downside cushion in case your stock goes down

  3. You lower your cost basis in the stock.

Covered calls are truly amazing, and if you can just master THIS one strategy, you can over the long term, earn 2 to 4% per month or more. But, anything worth doing is worth doing right.


You can’t just buy ANY stock, it has to be the RIGHT stock. You can’t make money in EVERY market, it has to be the RIGHT market. You can’t just buy it ANYWHERE on the chart, it has to be the RIGHT spot on the chart.

Why? Because investing is a probabilities game. And everything we do here has to do with increasing the probability of making money. That is why we have 4 cornerstones in a program that we call the Cash Flow Machine. You must have them in order to succeed:





My name is Mark Yegge. I have been investing for over 45 years now and have invested over $14-billion worth of securities. So, I know my way around Wall Street.

I have seen a lot of people come and go in this business and I see a lot of people talking about Covered Call investing. I love it because there are lots of people talking about how great Covered Calls are in their free videos on YouTube. Buuuut, you also get what you pay for. The information is free because it isn’t worth that much. In fact, nobody really talks about a full system of investing in Covered Calls, well, except me.

I am most proud that because of all of the trial and error, and theory and mentorship that I have received over the years (let’s call it “experience”), I have created a full system of investing in Covered Calls. A system. Why a system?

A system has a set of rules which keep you from getting emotional. When emotions go up (as they do when it comes to money), intelligence goes down. What most people need is a full set of rules on HOW to invest in covered calls.

Look, your money is too important to just figure it out on the fly. You can find lots of gurus out there talking about covered calls, but do they address these things:

  • What to do on earnings days

  • What to do when a dividend is paid

  • How to handle a bear market, bull market, flat market

  • Which stock to buy

  • How to use market timing to get an edge

  • Where is the right place to buy a stock

  • Which options should I sell and when

  • When to roll your position up or down

  • Any many more situations…

If you want to be successful in anything, you MUST have a proven system that governs how you act – every time – without emotion. Is it a guarantee that you will make money? C’mon. We can’t say that. But what we can say is that the Cash Flow Machine system can skew the probabilities in your favor, give you an edge, and position you so that you can have the best chance of making consistent money in the market.

We call it a “machine” because it has a set of unemotional inputs and a fairly expectant set of outcomes. Put another way, you put money in and create cash flow.

This program is my life’s work. I love to help people learn how to create income in their lives. I think it is a big part of what I was put here to do. Can I help everyone? No, but I can help you. So, poke around here. Grab a copy of my book: The Cash Flow Machine Fundamentals or grab my free e-book: Regular Paychecks – How to Get Regular Paychecks from the stock market. Or take one of my courses or at least sign up for my newsletter so that you can get strategies and opportunities as soon as they come out.

I hope that we can meet soon and I hope I can help you learn the secrets of the Cash Flow Machine.

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