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Or see what our members have to say...

"I didn't know anything about the stock industry, so I started green just like everybody else...

I made 41% last year and I'm up a little over 40% this year and it's only August."

"I still can't believe how well I am doing in this system. I've already made almost $200,000 and it's only been a few months."

"What Mark has taught me has completely changed the way that I look at the marketplace."

Cash Flow Machine Mentorship:

Program Preview

Through our program, you can expect to learn...

  •  How to make 8% to 20% a year in the stock market spending no more than 20 minutes per week

  • The strategy Wall Street uses to make THEIR money from YOUR money, every single time

  •  How to protect your risk all the time (...and never have a sleepless night again)

  •  Why “hitting singles” will always result in better long-term gains than swinging for the fences

  •  A system to make money in any market — whether a stock goes up, down, or sideways

  •  And most importantly: How to change your financial future and create abundance in your life

"This method of investing is the best kept secret on Wall Street. I frankly don’t understand why everyone doesn’t do this. It’s just bit by bit investing, but it really starts to add up fast. My dad was a taxi driver and he always told me that the money was made in the short trips, not the big long ones. This system uses small wins that add up to big gains, without a lot of risk.

I am a true believer.

~ Mike S.


Mark: "So you've been doing this for 3 weeks. Just checking. How's it going?"


Chrissy: "Well, I've already paid for the whole year of the Mastermind program... I just knew that you were the ticket."

~ Chrissy C.

"I'm up 24% year-to-date... fantastic results in a mixed market."

~ Anthony

How My Cash Flow Machine System
Grew My $111,000 Account Into $213,000
— In Just 6 Months...

As you may know by now, I've successfully used this strategy in my hedge fund for years. The goal of this program is to help you learn the same system, so you can start creating your own safe, reliable cash flow today. Here's an inside look at what you can expect:

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