Insider Tips - Weekly Stock Market Report - Week April 29, 2024

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Market Overview and Technical Analysis

In this week's market update, Mark Yegge reviews the current market conditions and technical indicators, highlighting shifts in sentiment and potential opportunities amid a red market environment.

  • Market Sentiment: Mark observes a mixed signal with 3 green lights, 3 red lights, and one green light, suggesting a potential shift to cautious territory (yellow mode). He discusses the NASDAQ's position below the 50-day moving average and anticipates a gap fill, signaling a possible upward trajectory.

  • Volatility Analysis: Mark notes a recent spike in volatility, which is now reverting back to the mean, indicating renewed interest from investors to re-enter the market.

Individual Stock Analysis

Mark delves into specific stocks, providing insights into their recent performance and potential outlook:

  • Apple: Despite a five-day upward trend, Mark highlights concerns about low volume and the stock's downtrend, pending positive earnings to reverse the trend.

  • Tesla: Mark discusses Tesla's promising future with full self-driving technology, highlighting positive developments in the company's direction.

  • NVIDIA: Using price-volume analysis, Mark identifies NVIDIA's bullish setup, suggesting a potential target price of $1257. He cautions that stock predictions are based on probabilities rather than certainties.

  • Google and Meta (formerly Facebook): Mark contrasts Google's strong breakout week with Meta's disappointing earnings report, projecting potential downside based on chart analysis and negative market sentiment.

Key Takeaways

Mark's advice centers on caution and strategic investing amidst market uncertainty. He emphasizes the importance of quality stocks with strong fundamentals and urges traders to avoid emotional decision-making influenced by mainstream media.

Stay informed and trade smart. Until next time!

Current Market Condition:

Market Is Yellow:  You should exercise caution as we transition between Green and Red. You can get your watchlist ready; remain in cash; look to cover short positions; protect the downside and generally be ready to execute your trading plan. Ideal shorter-term allocation: 20% to 40% invested.


Stocks to Watch:

Here are some key stocks to watch from my POWER Screen this week. The market remains volatile, presenting both challenges and opportunities for investors. Among the highlighted stocks:

Exercise caution and strategic decision-making in this dynamic market environment. Stay tuned for more updates on these stocks and their evolving trends.


Stock Tip Of The Week:

In this stock market update, the focus is on PACS Group (PACS), a medical long-term care company that recently went public as an IPO. Despite a slight pullback in earnings from $1.02 in 2022 to $0.76 in 2023, the stock's overall performance trend looks promising. With a current price around $25 per share, there's anticipation that a breakout above this level could lead to further upward movement, possibly reaching $28 or $29 in the near term. The stock's relative strength rating of 69 suggests it's outperforming a significant portion of other stocks. Observing the daily chart, characterized by notable buying activity, there's optimism for future growth. You might consider PAX Group for potential investment, noting the benefits of early involvement post-IPO. 


This Week's Podcast Episode:

In this episode, we dive into financial insights with Jonathan Blau, the CEO of Fusion Family Wealth. Blau shares his journey in wealth management, highlighting the role of behavioral finance in shaping his approach. He emphasizes educating investors for better success and discusses how market fluctuations can impact wealth. Blau challenges financial myths like diversification, suggesting a concentrated approach within asset classes but diversifying among them. He also delves into behavioral biases affecting investment decisions and stresses the need to educate individuals about these tendencies. The discussion includes views on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, with Blau advocating a conservative stance while Yegge sees Bitcoin as a hedge against instability. Tune in for valuable advice on sticking to core investment strategies and focusing on long-term wealth building.


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