Leveraging Opportunities: Unveiling Covered Call Strategies on QQQ and TSL

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Welcome back to the channel! Today, I'm addressing a common question I receive about covered calls on ETFs like QQQ and leveraged ETFs such as TSL. Let's delve into the details and explore the potential of these strategies.

Covered Calls on QQQ: Exploring Broad Market Opportunities

QQQ, the NASDAQ ETF, offers exposure to a diverse range of tech stocks, spreading out your risk across the market. While this can lead to lower volatility, it also presents unique opportunities for covered call strategies.

Covered Calls on TSL: Navigating Volatility with Leveraged ETFs

On the other hand, leveraged ETFs like TSL amplify the movements of underlying assets, providing both increased potential gains and heightened risk. Let's analyze the possibilities and pitfalls of covered calls on TSL.

Analyzing QQQ Covered Calls

With QQQ trading around $390.70, we consider selling slightly out-of-the-money calls with a strike price of $391 expiring in 13 days. By reducing our cost basis and capturing premium, we aim for a steady return, potentially yielding an annualized return of 32%.

Exploring TSL Covered Calls

TSL, a 1.5x leveraged ETF tracking Tesla, offers dynamic opportunities for covered calls. Despite its lower price point, the potential returns can be significant. By selling calls with a strike price just above the current price, investors may achieve an annualized return of 152%.

Comparing Strategies

While QQQ provides stability and consistent returns, TSL offers the potential for rapid growth but with increased volatility. Investors must carefully weigh the risk-reward ratio and align their strategies with their investment objectives and risk tolerance.


  1. Can covered calls be applied to other ETFs besides QQQ and TSL?

   Yes, covered calls can be used with a variety of ETFs, depending on your investment goals and risk tolerance. It's essential to assess each ETF's characteristics and market conditions before implementing covered call strategies.

  1. What are the risks associated with selling covered calls on leveraged ETFs?

   Leveraged ETFs magnify both gains and losses, increasing the potential for volatility. Investors should be aware of the amplified risk exposure and implement risk management strategies accordingly.

  1. How often can covered calls be executed on ETFs like QQQ and TSL?

   Covered calls can be executed regularly, depending on market conditions and the desired income generation strategy. It's essential to monitor the ETFs' performance and adjust your covered call positions accordingly.


Covered calls on ETFs like QQQ and leveraged ETFs such as TSL present intriguing opportunities for investors seeking to generate income from their portfolios. By understanding the dynamics of each ETF and implementing sound risk management strategies, investors can harness the power of covered calls to enhance their returns and build wealth over time.

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