Unveiling High-Growth Opportunities: Covered Call Stocks in Buying Range - Nov 2023

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Welcome back to the Covered Call Channel! In today's video, we're spotlighting four high-growth stocks that have emerged in my screening process. As we navigate a bullish market environment, these stocks are positioned within buying ranges, presenting exciting opportunities for investors. Let's delve into the details and explore the potential of these promising candidates.

Exploring High-Growth Stocks

  1. Blackstone (Ticker: BX): Known for its robust asset management services, Blackstone is displaying upward momentum, riding the wave of impressive earnings growth projections. With a strong rebound off the 200-day moving average and a notable cup base pattern, Blackstone presents a compelling buying opportunity.


  1. Workday (Ticker: WDAY): Specializing in cloud-based finance and human resources applications, Workday boasts a solid track record of relative strength and earnings per share growth. Its recent bounce off the 50-day and 200-day moving averages signals underlying strength, making it an attractive prospect for investors.
  2. American International Group (Ticker: AIG): Despite its tumultuous history, AIG has staged a remarkable recovery, fueled by the resurgence of the insurance market. Breaking out to all-time highs, AIG exemplifies resilience and strength, offering investors the potential for significant returns.
  3. Aflac Incorporated (Ticker: AFL): Following a distinctive "check mark" pattern, Aflac has demonstrated consistent upward momentum, underpinned by its resilience in the insurance sector. With a high relative strength rating and steady earnings growth, AFL is a steady performer in a volatile market.

Implementing Covered Call Strategies

While these stocks exhibit strong growth potential, employing covered call strategies can enhance returns and provide downside protection. By leveraging options premiums, investors can generate additional income while mitigating risks associated with market volatility.


1. How do I determine if a stock is within a buying range?

   A stock is considered within a buying range when it shows strength in its chart patterns, such as breakouts from bases or bounces off key moving averages. Additionally, favorable fundamentals, such as earnings growth and relative strength, further validate its buying potential.

2. What are the benefits of employing covered call strategies?

   Covered call strategies allow investors to generate income by selling call options on stocks they already own. This strategy provides downside protection and enhances overall portfolio returns, especially in bullish market conditions.

3. How can I identify high-growth stocks suitable for covered call strategies?

   Look for stocks with strong fundamentals, consistent earnings growth, and positive market sentiment. Conduct thorough technical analysis to identify stocks exhibiting bullish chart patterns and momentum, making them suitable candidates for covered call strategies.


In today's dynamic market environment, high-growth stocks within buying ranges offer lucrative opportunities for investors. By combining astute stock selection with covered call strategies, investors can optimize their returns while managing risk effectively. Stay informed, stay disciplined, and seize the potential for financial growth and prosperity.

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