Be Very Careful Trading GameStop (GME)

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In this blog post, we dive into Mark Yi's cautionary advice about trading volatile meme stocks like GameStop (GME). Mark Yi, a seasoned trader, highlights the risks and potential strategies for navigating the tumultuous waters of meme stock trading.


 The Frenzy Behind Meme Stocks

Meme stocks like GameStop have garnered massive attention due to their dramatic price movements fueled by social media buzz. A notable example is when a social media influencer known as Roaring Kitty made a post that was interpreted as a buy signal for GameStop. This single post triggered a massive surge in GameStop’s stock price, causing it to leap from $19 to $64 in just three days—a staggering tripling of its value.


 The Risks of Trading Meme Stocks

  1. Extreme Volatility: Meme stocks are highly volatile. GameStop's price surge was followed by a significant drop, falling 32% overnight. Traders who bought at the peak faced substantial losses.
  2. Short Squeeze: GameStop is one of the most shorted stocks on the market. As the price surged, short sellers (including hedge funds) were forced to cover their positions, leading to a further spike in the stock price.
  3. Market Manipulation Concerns: Posts from influencers can significantly impact stock prices, creating a speculative environment where prices are driven more by hype than fundamentals.


 A Safer Approach: Covered Calls

While Mark Yi advises against trading meme stocks due to their high risk, he acknowledges that there is a potentially safer way to profit from them—through covered calls.

  1. Selling Calls: By selling call options on your stock holdings, you can generate income. For instance, with GameStop trading at $33, selling a call option expiring the next day could yield a premium of $5.80.
  2. Risk Mitigation: While this strategy still carries risk, it offers some downside protection. The premium collected from selling the call can offset potential losses if the stock price drops.
  3. Potential Returns: If the stock price stays above the strike price of the call, you could achieve significant returns. In the example given, a one-day return of 177% was possible if the stock remained above $33.


 The Downside of Covered Calls

  1. Cap on Profits: Selling calls limits your upside potential. If the stock price surges beyond the strike price, your gains are capped.
  2. Continued Volatility: Meme stocks can continue to experience wild price swings, making it challenging to predict their movements accurately.
  3. Emotional Stress: The rapid price changes can be stressful, and you must be prepared to handle significant volatility.


 Life Improving Tips

  1. Do Your Research: Always conduct thorough research before investing in any stock, especially volatile meme stocks.
  2. Consider Risk Management: Use strategies like covered calls to mitigate risk, but understand the limitations and potential downsides.
  3. Stay Informed: Keep up with market news and trends to make informed decisions and avoid being swayed by social media hype.



Q: What are meme stocks?

A: Meme stocks are stocks that gain popularity and see dramatic price movements primarily due to social media influence and online forums rather than their underlying business fundamentals.

Q: What is a short squeeze?

A: A short squeeze occurs when a heavily shorted stock's price rises rapidly, forcing short sellers to buy back shares to cover their positions, further driving up the price.

Q: How can I manage risk when trading meme stocks?

A: Consider strategies like covered calls, which can provide income and some downside protection, but be aware of the associated risks and limitations.


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Trading meme stocks like GameStop can be extremely risky due to their volatility and susceptibility to market manipulation. While strategies like covered calls can provide a way to profit with some downside protection, they still carry significant risk. Mark Yi advises caution and suggests that traders avoid these highly speculative stocks unless they are fully aware of the risks and have a robust strategy in place.