Live the Life of your Dreams

We all dream….well at least I think we do….I know I do…I dreams about how I can make things better in my life.  And then I take action in that direction.  I recently had the pleasure of interviewing a really great friend, Jim Hughes.  He totally lives by the motto of “Living the Life of Your Dreams”.

We can all take steps towards improvement everyday, and Jim has a road map that you will want to hear all about!  For five years, Jim’s provided transformative experiences to high performers and entrepreneurs and around the world through his unique brand of coaching. He does speaking, he does events. And he’s helped a ton of people such as eight figure business entrepreneurs, world record holders, senior military leaders, top performing professionals. This guy’s a rock star! He leverages his extensive life experience. And we’re going to hear all about that today. He encompasses everything from running a multi-multi-million dollar engineering business in the past to canoeing the Yukon River, skiing the world’s longest giant slalom race, wearing only a G string, which is always interesting 🙂 And then, he approaches his work and and his life in a really fun and encouraging and courageous way.   You need to hear this interview!


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