Why You Should Focus On Your Own Money Management

So you want to be a millionaire, or at least wealthy or wealthier? Well then why aren’t you already? Maybe it’s probably because you haven’t figured out the strategies, or made a visual roadmap, or maybe just haven’t focused on the fastest way to your financial freedom.  Or maybe you just spend too much time doing things that take you away from putting you on the path to becoming a millionaire. Or maybe you aren’t being the kind of person that can be a millionaire yet. It’s OK – because today is the first day of the rest of your life!

(By the way, when I refer to “millionaire” I mean not only monetarily (what my book is about), but also a millionaire in every aspect of your life: your wealth, your health, your relationships, etc.).

Have you already signed up for a money management class? Trying to figure out your own visual roadmap to Financial Freedom? Or maybe taking a stock trading course? There are many stock trading courses out there that I am sure are good, but why not have the expertise and experience of a successful entrepreneur?

[By the way, I am pretty blunt in my book because it may be a time for you to make a change. You know, if you ALWAYS do what you’ve always done, you’ll ALWAYS get what you’ve always gotten. So I challenge you often in my book, and that may be just what you need.]

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Well, if you want to become a millionaire, now is your chance; your real chance. But it’s gonna take some work, it’s going to take some focus. It’s going to take some energy, and it’s gonna take some time. But so what? Most people don’t just win the lottery and become millionaires, do they? If you think it’s going to be easy to become a millionaire, that’s probably why you’re not a millionaire already. But it doesn’t have to be hard either.


Before we get too far down the road here, I don’t want you to think that this is just another money management class, or investing course , because it is much more than that. What you are about to experience is part of the structure for becoming a Full-Life MillionaireTM: a millionaire not only in your finances, but your health, your wealth, your relationships and the other critical parts of your life. It’s not all about the money because what good is money if the rest of your life sucks? So, while we will focus about 90% of this course work on money, it is with the conscious intention that we want to be millionaires in every part of our life – and money can just help that along.


When I grew up, possibly just like you, I didn’t have money and I struggled to make ends meet. All the time I was watching on TV and reading in the newspaper how the rich and famous were living their lives. And I thought to myself “can’t I have that?” and “if not why not?” and “if so, how?”


So I embarked on a plan. I began to study millionaires. I studied what made them tick. I studied how they thought and behaved. As I studied the strategies that they used in business and in their personal lives, I began to seek out mentors, heroes, and role models. And then, I started to build a plan. That’s the same plan you can find in my book.


You see once I figured it out, I boiled it down into a formula. And since it’s a formula, it is repeatable. I’ve also tried to make it really simple. I figure I’ve read around 8,000 books on success, personal development, business, finances, and a myriad of other subjects that helped me get to where I am. I’m not saying I’ve arrived at where I want to end up, because there’s always room for growth. But what I am saying is I’ve gotten to the point where I live a life that few people can live.


Today, I travel all over the world and “work” from wherever I am. So far it’s 56 countries and counting. My goal is to get to a hundred in the next few years, not because I necessarily want to see 100 different countries, but because I grow so much as a person when I experience a new country, new place, new people and a new culture. I’m a citizen of the world and that’s the path I have chosen. It’s not for everyone, but it’s for me and it’s for me right now, but of course it could change. And if it changes it will be my choice.


You see that’s my point: choice. Becoming a millionaire is not about a number. It’s about choice. It’s about freedom, at least for me. I want to have the ability to do whatever I want, within reason, whenever I want to do it and wherever I want to do it. For me that’s the ultimate choice.


Maybe for you it’s different. Maybe you want to stay home, raise a family and spend your time donating to charity. Whatever it is, I want it to be your choice: your epic choice.


The problem is we only have one life to live, and then it’s over. So while we have our chance why don’t we make it the most epic life possible? And in order to truly have an epic life you have to have choices and freedom – however you define it. Choices and freedom are made easier, at least in our society, with money. 



Most of my course is focused on left-brain stuff: formulas, numbers, strategies, etc. But I am a fairly spiritual person and I believe that there is way more to abundance than blindly following a formula. Sure, it helps, but there also needs to be total alignment in your life towards abundance. Your goals, mission, vision, environment, daily rituals, and other things all need to be in harmony with your goals. 

Further, there are things that, as humans, we just can’t explain when it comes to wealth. Things like synchronicity, serendipity, kismet, and flow, are all manifestations of these unexplained things. Have you ever been thinking about someone, and then your phone rings, and it’s them? Have you ever had a goal, wrote it down, and some time later – it happened? I have. These kinds of things happen to me all the time. I can’t really explain it. I just believe that there is a universal force, a god, a higher being that helps to make things happen in our lives. And I think that we are all connected somehow. And that connection can be tapped into as assistance. 

The Universe has what I call Abundance Codes. Codes that we can each tap into to get what we want. And these codes can be hacked in order to accelerate our path towards abundance. The key elements are covered in depth in my book: 1) vision 2) values 3) financial strategies 4) formulae 5) systems  6) ecology. What is not covered in depth, but are still an essential part are some of the concepts and practices that help you set up the framework to tap these abundance codes: meditation, mindfulness, prayer, intentions, creative visualization, goal-setting, etc. We have other resources for you to tap into or you can find them on your own, but they are important. So this book is about harnessing the power of the universal force, the universe, source, god, in order to create an abundant life – a life where anything is possible and the pie is infinite. 

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My book, course, or manual is part education, part motivation, and part blueprint. We will give you a few strategies, we will ask you questions and ask for you to answer those questions and we will help you put a personalized investment blueprint together. What my book is not about is teaching you everything there is to know about money, finances, the stock market, credit, etc. There are some great experts in these fields if you want to delve deeper and we have some other courses and resources that we can recommend in some of the critical money areas. But we are not AirBnB rental people. We are not house-flipping people. We are not Amazon drop-shippers. For those fields, we have partnered with the best resources to teach you the best ways to succeed in those businesses. The same is true for other sectors.


So let’s shoot for a nice round number shall we? Let’s shoot for $1-million. Once we get to $1-million it’s a lot easier to get to the next million. Let’s do this together. Let’s build a plan together to make you an Epic Millionaire. 


Ready to get started?


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