Cash Flow Is Important with Barry S. Rutten, CFP®

Welcome to another edition of the wealth architect podcast, we’ve got a fun one today might be a little bit controversial. I’m kind of excited about that, because I like controversy sometimes, especially when it comes to your finances. So who we have on today is, is a very esteemed guy, I got to talk to him before we started and the guy has a wealth of knowledge in the financial business. He’s a registered investment advisor, a certified financial planner. And we’re going to talk about some really cool things. And we’re going to try to open your mind to different ways of investing, we’re not going to give you any investing advice, because this is a show about education and information, we are going to kind of open your mind to some of the things that are out there. i hope you tune -in! Links for Barry’s content: ______________________________________________________________________ Cash Flow Machine Mentorship – BECOME A CLIENT -


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