Don’t Charge your Car; NVidia Stock getting rekt

Hey everybody, Mark Yegge host of the wealth architect podcast. It is just a quickie today to bring up a couple of points in the news that I thought were interesting. If you live in California, you probably know about this, maybe you don’t. But if you don’t live in California, you’re probably not seeing much news on it, but California just voted to eliminate the sales of gas-powered vehicles in the state by 2035. I find that really interesting. Like that’s pretty aggressive, have you seen pictures of those traffic jams? They’re going to take all those cars off the road. Now, of course, they’re not going to be off the road all at once, but they’re not going to sell any new ones, because they want to drive everybody to electric vehicles. Well, I suppose if you’re green, and you think green is going to change the temperature of the world, which it isn’t, but you’re not making practical decisions. You know why? Because yesterday, the power companies who have a very poor grid and they have blackouts, and brownouts in the state of California, came out and said, “Hey, can you do us a favor? Don’t charge your electric vehicles.” Now imagine this, everybody’s got electric vehicles, so I guess that means nobody moves because we want to save the planet or some crazy thing?! Let’s send everybody back 1000 years, we can all cook on woodstoves and we’ll just stay home, and then maybe we get a horse or something. And then we don’t charge our electric vehicle that we have sitting in the garage. But at least we have solar power generating something for somebody. I don’t understand. I don’t get it. Like none of the decisions that these green people are making line up. And believe me, I think there’s room for solar, there’s room for the internal combustion engine, there’s room for electric vehicles, there’s room for hybrids, there’s room for all this stuff. Why would you eliminate something that has brought our society to this point, if you don’t have a viable alternative? And then telling people they can’t charge their electrical vehicles? Then saying, “Hey, we don’t have a viable alternative yet, because our grid can’t handle it”. And they don’t have the money to pay for another grid. Let me tell you that the grid has been built up over the last 80 or 90 years, and it probably needs repair, but they don’t have the money. That’s why we have all these fires in California, they’ve already proven that the poor grid is causing transformers to blow up and creating all these fires in California. They just don’t get it.

All right enough of the rant. But the bottom line is you need to be aware of the craziness that people are passing. And I can’t even make this up. Like if I were joking. I couldn’t even be able to write that joke.  The next thing is Nvidia. So, if you’ve been watching the chart on Nvidia, and I watch the charts every day, and I think Nvidia is a great company, they make cameras and chips. And you know, we’ve been having a chip shortage. So, you think, well, chip shortage. Let’s buy chip companies like Nvidia, this stock has declined from about $350 to right now where it is at $138. Today alone it’s down 9%, why? Because the US government said “okay, we’re going to eliminate an American company’s ability to sell chips in China. Now, that’s a little overreach, isn’t it, like when an American company now has to suffer and the shareholders have to suffer? Because we don’t want to send chips to China? Now I know we have a chip shortage and I don’t really know what the rationale behind it maybe that if we don’t send them to China, we get to use them ourselves. But if we use them ourselves, then the stock wouldn’t be down. 9%. Basically, what the market is telling us is that they cut the legs out from under Nvidia, just by regulatory Fiat, I use that word Fiat, very intentionally. Fiat means by decree. And the government just signs a thing by decree that says this company and other companies that are sending chips to China could no longer do that. We don’t care about the shareholders. We don’t care about the stockholders, we only care that we’re not going to send them to China, because we want to send in some kind of a message. Now, whether you agree with it, or whether you don’t, I thought I’d bring it to your attention.

So, there’s two interesting issues there. And Nvidia has some major problems right now, because of the chip shortage, which you’d think would be positive for them. And now because the government is getting in the way of them sending things to China, I guess the theme of this whole podcast is get the hell out of the way government! Like, why do you need to go and get involved in everybody’s business? You’re clearly not competent to do it. Look at our inflation. Look at our gas prices. Look at the stupid ideas that they have, you know, going green. Look at Germany. I’ve mentioned this in a past podcast, but Germany basically said about 1520 years ago. “You know what, that nuclear power that we have that’s really dirty.” Now, it’s not really dirty, but they deemed it to be dirty and this little petulant, Swedish or Netherlands girl, what’s your name? Thunberg or whatever. I guess everybody listens to her because now she’s saying, “Well, you got to get rid of nuclear, it’s dirty.” And so, you get rid of nuclear. And now you have got to buy your gas and your oil from Russia. And now Russia is pissed off at the Germans. They’re pissed off at Europe for supporting Ukraine. And so, they’re cutting them off. And so, Germany is now, you know what they’re doing?  I think I’ve mentioned this in the past, well I’ll mention it again, they’re going back to coal and they just voted today to keep one of their nuclear power options open. This is one of their nuclear power plants that they were going to close down. And you know, so they’re going back the other way, unfortunately, they’re going to freeze this winter, it doesn’t make any sense?! Oil prices have gone up 10 times, and power, your power bill, if you live in Europe, especially Germany has gone up an incredible amount like 10 times. Imagine waking up tomorrow, getting your power bill, and it’s 10 times what it was last year, it’s just crazy. All in the name of this crazy green stuff, because we think that we’re going to change the temperature of this ball of molten lock and raw lava. You know, going through space, at a really fast speed with the sun shining on it and asteroids covered, we think we’re going to change the temperature of that by eliminating greenhouse gases.

Now, one last thought, if you’re reading the science on this, okay, you’ve got to really dig into who’s paying for the science because the only people that are getting funded are the ones that are coming up with this green stuff, this conclusion that we’re causing the rise of co2 and we’re causing the sea levels to rise. By the way, I’m not seeing the sea levels rise. I went to the beach a couple of weeks ago, in the same place where I grew up, the sea levels are exactly the same, exactly the same, nobody’s building higher sea walls, and nobody’s making their houses go up higher. So, this is all a bunch of “stuff.” I remember when I was a kid, we were supposedly in an ice age. And we were going to run out of food.  Now we’re not in an ice age, all of a sudden, that science apparently changed because we, you know, whatever we do, whoever is getting funded, decides that they want to have a different narrative and eliminate our ability to drive combustion vehicles. 

So now we’re in a heating crisis, right, we’ve got a greenhouse problem and sea levels are going to rise. And notice how they never say the sea levels are going to rise by next year by an inch, they always say, you know, by 2050, or 2100. So, we can never have to measure those people, they are all dead by the time that “doesn’t” happen. So, they’re never held to account. And you know, they make the world change based on some pseudoscience, that is funded by the people that that make money from it. The very people that are making money on or flooding these scientists. That’s why you’re seeing all the stories say that we have global climate change, and that it’s humans that are causing it. It’s not humans that are causing it, we’re not going to affect this big ball hurtling through the world, through space.  I should say, not like the scientists who can’t even keep their blood pressure in check who are trying to keep our world’s temperature in check with their pseudoscience. It’s just crazy. And now you’re seeing it start to affect you. You’re seeing inflation, you’re starting to see stupid decisions from governments. It’s eliminating the best technology that we’ve had for moving people around for the last 100 years. In exchange for some other technology that is clearly not better. Now, I don’t believe you just get rid of it. But it’s clearly not better. You don’t do an all or nothing switch. That’s the problem when you have too much government. All right, enough for me today. Hope you have a fantastic day.


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