Freedom Trucker Convoy

So, there was a big old trucker convoy going on in Canada.  I don’t know if you know, but a couple of weeks ago, Canada put out an edict that says, hey, if you’re coming to Canada and you’re a trucker, you need to be vaccinated. Well, about half the truckers estimated about half of them aren’t, but truckers are really in demand. Right now, we have a supply chain crisis. And truckers are ”you ain’t gonna tell me what to do?” Well, maybe a couple of them said, “you can tell me what to do.” Because otherwise they didn’t want to lose their trucking job, or they didn’t care about getting the you know, the shot. But now what’s happening is they started to talk on their little radios, and all of a sudden, it became a huge movement to say, “hey, look, government’s not going to tell us what to do.” The US government got involved and says you’re not coming over here, unless you’ve gotten the shot. So, the truckers like, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, hang on a second. And they started creating this convoy. And they were on a mission. Many had driven all across Canada. And I think there were about 50,000 trucks or something like that, like all kinds of trucks, dump trucks, garbage trucks, diesels, 18 wheelers, whatever kind of truck, and even pickup trucks. Then cars started joining. At the time it was 70 kilometers long, which is about 40-50 miles long. Imagine 40 to 50 miles of trucks that were headed to the capital of Canada in Ottawa. Right. So these trucks had made their way to Canada, and people were joining in, there were people on bridges, and they were waving their flags, and the press was not covering it because they didn’t want to show that people have power, even if they don’t have some weaponry. Their weaponry is their ability to join together. And Canadians were just tired of being pushed around like they had been pushed around for almost two years. They weren’t able to go out, they had curfews and one of the things I heard was that you could not go to Costco nor Walmart unless you were escorted in and you were only allowed to buy groceries. Unless you had the jab. And you can only go into buy groceries and food you can’t buy like other stuff that Costco or Walmart sells. And then you’re escorted out. Otherwise, you’re locked down in your home. Here we are two years later, everybody’s been the good little person in Canada, because that’s what Canadians do. They comply with stuff. They’re really nice people. So, they comply. They believe their government. They believe Trudeau is awesome or whatever. I don’t know what they believe about that guy. But like they’ve done everything they were supposed to do. If they were still getting sick, they were like, wait a minute, what are we doing? Especially the truckers were like, wait a second, you need us. And if you need somebody, you don’t piss them off. All that to say, they ended up pissing off the truckers and so the truckers got together and they all headed to Ottawa. At the time you could not get in or out of Ottawa, the capital of Canada. It’s a small town. A good leader would normally stand up and state, “I believe that this is the right thing to do.” But what did the Canadian leader do? He left, he took off in the middle of the night and went to some little secret hideout, because he was scared of the truckers. What were they going to do to him? They had been oppressed for a long time, and they were not taking anymore. I find it really funny that the press didn’t really cover it. They were more worried about Neil Young, this 107-year-old rock and roll guy that is a has been pulling his music off of Spotify, which is not even really a story. And some other guy named Nils Lofgren in Norway pulling his stuff off of Spotify and Joni Mitchell. All these really old artists are pulling their music off of Spotify. Nobody knows who they are anyway. So, it’s not like they were going to drop in sales. They’re just jerks, trying to force one of the only bastions of free speech, which is Spotify, to get rid of other people’s podcasts. Joe Rogan, for example, they did not want Joe Rogan’s podcasts on there, because he allows people say it how it is. He doesn’t censor people; he shuts up and lets people talk and they don’t like that. Because it’s not part of the narrative. It’s not part of the Trudeau narrative, either. They’re more concerned about that. And so, people were looking at that going, “Hey, wait a minute here.” Why do we care about this? But that’s who the press is and was covering, because they didn’t want you to know that there was a big movement that was very powerful, and might have a big voice. There are some really interesting things going on in the world today. It’s happening in Australia, where they’ve been the most oppressed country for the last two years. It’s going to happen and it’s starting to happen in the United States. It’s happening in Canada. It’s happening in France; it’s happening around the world. You’re not hearing about it, because the press has their own agenda. So very left-wing agenda. I know what they’re trying to do. But I have a feeling it’s not good. And a look if it’s good, let people talk. Right? Let people have a debate about it. Don’t censor them. This is what Russia did. Right? We had, Pravda was supposed to be the truth, right? That was the official paper of the USSR back in the 60-70s. Well, that was all government approved stuff that they propagandize that to you, right? That was what you read. You were like, “well, this is a truth.” But there wasn’t another side, there wasn’t a debate and you saw how oppressed those people were. And we’re going in that same direction, because we’re systemically trying to get rid of our institutions, and trying to create censorship so that people can talk. It’s a real shame. But those truckers in Canada, hats off to them. And I give them a lot of credit for doing what they did because they may make some changes in the world. Time will tell..

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